What Is City Quake?

Tom Ruotolo, founder of Power and Love, has now started City Quake!  The vision of City Quake is to come alongside the pastors and leaders in a city and equip the Christians to grow in a lifestyle of love and power so that this amazing good news of Jesus will penetrate the hearts of the lost!

City Quake will host 3 ½ day activation events in a region (much like a Power and Love) and then build on what the Holy Spirit does through a 2 month campaign called Aftershock involving churches and ministries in the area so that this new, Christlike lifestyle becomes the new normal in a growing number Christians in the city!

After City Quakes in 4 different cities, Pastors share their experience

A Call to Pastors and Leaders

How City Quake Can Increase What the Lord is Doing In Your Region

Watch Endorsements from these Spiritual Leaders!

What is City Quake…the Full Story

This video designed for Pastors and Ministry Leaders explains in more detail the City Quake plan.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having City Quake in your city, this 46 min recording of one of Tom’s “What is City Quake” zoom calls will help you know the steps.

Then, if after watching, you are READY TO GO, fill out the form below to start the process of City Quake coming to your city!