Invite City Quake?

Tom Ruotolo, founder of Power and Love, has now started City Quake!   City Quake works with Pastors and those passionate about sharing Jesus to transform entire congregations into active-duty soldiers of Jesus Christ.  Through simple steps of obedience, the average Christian will walk every day in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.  We want even the most hardened non-Christian to encounter the presence of God and realize Jesus loves them and desires a relationship with them.

City Quake hosts 3 ½ day activation events in a region (much like a Power and Love) and then build on what the Holy Spirit does through an 8 week campaign called Aftershock involving churches and ministries in the area so that this new, Christlike lifestyle becomes the new normal in a growing number Christians in the city!

Watch Endorsements from these Spiritual Leaders!

What is City Quake…the Next Steps

Watch this 4 min video to hear about the impact City Quake has had on regions!

In this video, pastors were interview a month or more after City Quake.  Why wait a month?  We didn’t want “after conference hype!”  We wanted to know if there was REAL FRUIT continuing after City Quake!!

If after watching, you want to know more about bringing City Quake to your region, complete the form below and choose a time that fits your schedule to join Tom Ruotolo for a 45 min “What is City Quake” zoom call.