City Quake Events

What Is City Quake?

Watch Endorsements from the following Spiritual Leaders!

Randy Clark
David Wagner
Chris Overstreet
Deshawn White

Michigan Pastors and Leaders Share about City Quake

Here pastors talk about the impact of City Quake and Aftershock that was filmed A MONTH (not just your after conference hype) after City Quake Michigan

A Call to Pastors and Leaders

This is an open call to Pastors and Leaders in the body of Christ. Time is short. We need to see MORE!

Take the Challenge

Is your city ready for City Quake? Here is how City Quake can help increase what the Lord is doing in your region.

Rock Your City With City Quake!

This video designed for Pastors and Ministry Leaders explains in more detail the City Quake plan.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having City Quake in your city, this video will help you know the steps.
Then, if after watching, you are READY TO GO, fill out the form below to start the process of City Quake coming to your city!