The Reason for City Quake

Don’t forget to begin taking notes on the video and responding to the questions below in your word document!  🙂

In this Introductory Video, Tom relates the main reason why he has created City Quake Online.  Did you catch it?  Write out what you heard is the purpose of the course and how that impacts you.  Does that make you more or less excited to take this course and why?

How often do you think you have watched or listened to messages (live or on video) without seriously considering what may need to change in your life?   Can you relate to Tom’s statement, “Thinking that we know something deceives us.  We develop a false sense of ‘I know that already’ but we don’t really know it because if we knew it, we would be doing it.”  Our hope is that, during this course, you will build good habits in “how you listen” and be at least as vigilant to apply what you have learned as you are at “learning something new.”  Write out anything that the Lord is speaking to you about being more aware of the tendency to “learn” versus “Doing what you learned”

Write out three personal goals that will happen/change in your life as a result of taking this course.