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One of the most basic prerequisites for this course is that you have at least one other person that is taking the course alongside you. We call that person your “Sharpener.”  It is fine to have one other person taking it with you or a whole group taking it together! However, you cannot take the course alone.

You may register now, even before you know who that “Sharpener” person will be.  Once you register, you will have access to the Course Introduction which will explain much more what the course entails.  Briefly, “Get Activated!” involves watching videos, doing assignments, taking notes, talking and praying with your “Sharpener”,  and finally, the very important aspect of doing “outreach” together…going out to love on and pray for those who need to know Jesus!

Suggested donation for the full, 20-module “Get Activated!” Online Course is $99.

We leave the final decision of what each person contributes for this course up to you. Some of you may do less, some more. Whether it is $5 or $10,000, we trust you will hear from the Lord on this.

Once you register below, you will only be able to view the Course Introduction until your “Sharpener” has also registered and you have notified us who that person is.

“Get Activated!” Course Registration

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