Kingdom Business Network

What is Kingdom Business Network?

KBN is a relational network designed to equip Christians in the business community and marketplace to live in such a way that Jesus is truly Lord, especially in their workplace. This means that every decision we make and every relationship we develop are viewed through this lens. The first priority is Jesus and His Kingdom. This mindset seeps in and reshapes every aspect of our values, choices, and work relationships.

Why Is NOW the time for
Kingdom Business Network?

“For years I have wanted to help those in the marketplace to use all the tools the Holy Spirit has given us to impact our workplace environment. There are many very good Christian business networks out there that assist entrepreneurs to understand Biblical principles of business, leadership, finance, etc. but I have not found one that specifically majors on boldly yet lovingly bringing all the power that the Holy Spirit offers into the workplace…UNTIL NOW!”   Tom Ruotolo, Founder, City Quake  (Also Founder of Power and Love Ministries)

New Format for Kingdom Business Network

KBN format has taken a radical that we think will help you in the marketplace be even MORE EFFECTIVE!  You can watch the zoom call of this announcement HERE!  (The announcement starts at the 21 min mark if you only want to see that).  It is hard to explain briefly so please watch!  Instead of powerful input into your life every 3 or 4 weeks, these “Activation Teams” will be there to encourage you EVERY DAY!  If you already know about them, you can register for the group by clicking here from your cell phone!